Blanket rezoning has been passed with a 9-6 vote, but with some amendments to the original proposal. On Tuesday, May 14th, a record-breaking City Council meeting adjourned after 16 days leading to the long-awaited decision from Calgary's lawmakers. Rezoning has been a hot topic since it was first proposed in 2023, and as suggested by the longest ever Council meeting, it remained highly debated until the end. Community feedback played a vital role in the debate, and many of the amendments are a direct result of over 700 Calgarians letting their voices be heard at the public meetings. 

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More than 20 amendments were made to the bylaw during the meeting, including measures to increase residents' ability to implement privacy measures on their properties, and giving communities further say in what types of developments are built in neighbourhoods. [Source

A change also included in the rezoning effort has rowhouses listed as a discretionary use, which adds more scrutiny to the process of applying for a development permit. The other R-CG housing types in the zoning district are listed as permitted, meaning a development permit must be approved if they abide by all the rules. It was a change prior to the public hearing from city administration, which also states there are changes “to address concerns on issues such as parks, parking and backyard suites associated with rowhouses and townhouses.” [Source]

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What are the other amendments? For now, that isn't entirely clear, but we expect to learn more soon. Mayor Gondek weighed in with some more details:

We have strengthened what happens at [the] development permit [stage] by allowing neighbours and community members to have a say when it comes to height, when it comes to lot coverage, when it comes to where the windows are going to be...we made the improvements [Calgarians] needed to see in the development permit process, which actually drives what gets built next door across the street from them." - Mayor Jyoti Gondek
We look forward to learning more, and we'll keep you updated!

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